Industries Served

For over 40 years, Crown has provided performance chemicals to improve the efficiency and sustainability of operations in the mineral-handling and energy extraction industries. Mines, mineral-handling entities, utilities, steel mills, ports, and the oil and gas industry all use our products and services to improve their environmental, social, governance (ESG) and bottom-line costs by reducing the energy required to conduct operations.


Surface mines present a demanding set of working conditions that can involve airborne process dust created by material processing, transport, and storage; road dust that can reduce visibility, harm employee health, and hinder productivity; and cold weather that can freeze materials and conveyor systems. Crown offers a full suite of airborne dust-control products, as well as road binders, stabilizers, and wetting agents to stabilize soil and roadways, reduce ongoing maintenance costs, and improve environmental compliance and stewardship.

Underground mine work carries a specific set of challenges arising from the enclosed environment in which it is conducted—including airborne process dust generated by excavation and transport activities, as well as road dust that can reduce operator visibility, endanger employee health and safety, and degrade vehicle maintenance. Crown supplies proven road dust control solutions, respirable dust wetting agents, diesel emission reduction technologies, road rehabilitation products that allow for soft and muddy roadways to be returned to service, and products to enable rapid removal of sloppy, non-pumpable materials.

Oilfield Services

Oil and gas drilling, fracturing, and production activities consume significant quantities of diesel and natural gas. Crown offers fuel borne catalysts that consistently deliver net savings and reduced GHG emissions. On average, our fuel borne catalysts provide an 8% fuel reduction regardless of engine age or tier. With over 50 million gallons of fuel treated to date, Crown’s methodology has proven the value of reducing fuel consumption with fuel borne catalyst technology. Deployment is easy with our automated dosing system designed for any on-site fueling configurations. Please reach out to our Performance Chemical Group to learn more about these technologies.

Rail Transportation

Bulk transportation of coal and other minerals via railway requires protection—of workers’ health/safety and of the material investment itself—during stack-out, loading, transit, and unloading. Crown offers a variety of solutions to reduce fugitive dust emissions during material handling; melt and prevent ice buildup to lessen the carry-back of product; retard mineral oxidation and weathering; and eliminate the need for car topper treatments.

Power Generation

Storage and handling of coal at power generating stations carries risks associated with fugitive dust emissions as well as degradation—and combustion—of fuel. Crown offers solutions to control dust during loading, unloading, and stackout to enhance worker safety and extend the life of material handling equipment. Crown’s coal treatments inhibit the surface oxidation of low rank coals; minimize BTU losses during outside storage at coal yards and terminals; and lower the risk of hot spots, smokers, and spontaneous combustion at generating stations and coal terminals.