Crown Carbon Reduction Technologies

Our name is new but our mission is unchanged. Crown Carbon Reduction Technologies provides comprehensive solutions that improve the efficiency and sustainability of the mining and energy-producing industries. We promote efficient material handling, improve operational reliability, and reduce fuel requirements and reportable emissions.

Crown provides customized solutions to satisfy customer expectations and deliver quantifiable results. Our technologies enable customers to lower their carbon footprint, meet regulatory standards, achieve their environmental objectives, and improve their bottom line.

Businesses in the mining and energy industries who partner with Crown Carbon Reduction Technologies enjoy improved business performance and environmental stewardship (ESG).

Application of Crown’s flagship fuel borne catalyst technologies have directly reduced fuel usage and carbon production by the following amounts:

Gallons of Diesel Treated

Gallons of Fuel Saved

Tons of CO2 Prevented

Application of Crown’s fuel borne catalysts improve in-cylinder diesel combustion and dual-fuel engine efficiency.

Improved combustion efficiency yields emission reductions of all greenhouse gases by an average of 8%.

Crown’s fuel borne catalysts increase engine performance by cleaning injectors, improving fuel lubricity, and removing carbon deposits.

*These statements are based on indicated CO2 reductions per gallon of fuel consumed as found on